FAÇARDE Launch Branding 2015

Branding for FAÇARDE the newest publisher on the block!

Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
FAÇARDE: interactive entertainment trapped inside paper
FAÇARDE launches in July 2015 and so far we are still getting all our ducks in a row - however I [Sam Maher] though I'd put my 2-cents in now. Here is: working logos, a chatterbox [desert is inside], and a sales panel - more loveliness to come. Feedback always encouraged!
Chatterbox: outside; logo augments with Layar app
(c) Sam Maher

Chatterbox: inside; will augment with Layar app
(c) Sam Maher
Mock-up of sales panel with ISBN [sample]
(c) Sam Maher 2015
Logo as at 1 May 2015 will augment with Layar app
(c)Sam Maher

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