Sam Maher (Samantha Weston Maher) has been making content for 21 years. 
She creates concepts, writes scripts and produces television commercials, broadcast, corporate and brand content, advertising for online and social channels and short-form documentaries and segments for broadcast, digital networks and streaming services. 
Sam's output generally takes the familiar form of: Television Commercials, Public Service Announcements, Cinema Advertising, Billboards, Public Screens, Brand Stories (Corporate Videos etc), Digital News Releases (VNRs etc.) Training and Instructional Content, Mobile and Online Content, Print Advertising and Promotional Materials; and now Live Streamed Animated Content. 
Since she's adept at graphic design, illustration and photography, Sam often makes the visual assets, elements and artefacts in her productions too.

She commonly delivers for:
Broadcast on externally controlled networks
Narrowcast on internally controlled networks
Displayed on closed circuit channels
Displayed on Digital Out of Home (DOOH) channels
Live Stream via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, LAN and others 
Sam substantiates TVCs including pre-CAD, and delivers with CAD to free-to-air networks across all Australian territories, as required under the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice
She also produces industry messaging, public service announcements and political advertising, and Line Produces complex live broadcast and multi-stage events.
Since Sam has been making content since the 1990s, and still enjoys the thrill of FMCG as much as brand stories, she still makes TVCs more than other content types, despite the rise of streaming services and digital platforms. 
But Sam has also kept up with technology, and kept ahead of the pack and now understands both traditional and digital production intimately. 
Because of this, Sam now frequently advises agencies, studios and production companies on end-to-end content production best practices and trains graduates, technical crew and producers. 
And she is still not finished... 
If every picture has a thousands stories to tell, making one picture tell a thousand stories sounds naturally more efficient and challenging to achieve. 

Thanks to technology and innovation pioneers, the possibility of a picture containing a thousand stories increases every day, the key is bringing everything together.
Today Sam spends too much time developing new content types (and workflows to produce them) using technology including artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, motion capture and facial recognition algorithms, software and hardware.
Her new clients commission hero characters and other visual devices used in: brand narratives, interactive publishing, animated content production, gaming and mixed reality applications. 
She also makes Interactive Interfaces and other tools for Citizen Journalists and Bloggers, and Digital Puppets rigged and programmed to record with Adobe Character Animator, CrazyTalk and other software dependent on motion capture technology. 
Sam designs engagement experiences, complex navigation specifications, across transmedia and omnichannel representations and develops mechanisms to support Content Droppings, Happenings and other Shareables to exist and auto-populate across these representations and the spaces inbetween existing channels. 
Sam also makes, designs and/or co-creates:
Digital Puppets and Animated Characters;
Traditional Puppets and Character Models;
Interactive Print Products; 
Interactive Tactile Objects; 
Elements and Assets for Content Products; and
Content for Modified Reality applications.
Early in 2016, Sam Maher became an Adobe Bronze Technology Partner, and is also busy developing apps powered with all sorts of nifty Adobe integrations. The plan is to create more entertainment and stories than advertising and promotions, but transitioning isn't quick or easy, and everyone has expensive expectations.
The future of Sam's work is full interactive story art, but today it is largely pragmatic. 
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Sam's studio is in Regional NSW, Australia, in the tiny creative hamlet of Braidwood. 
Being located in Australia places her practice predominately in the Asia Pacific region, however nothing is ever that simple - Sam works where her clients need her to be.
Braidwood is approximately an hour between three diverse regional trade centres: Canberra, Goulburn and The NSW South Coast; but Sam's location within Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council area, the State seat of Monaro, and the Federal (former bellwhether) seat of Eden-Monaro, doesn't limit her practice area. 
Sam is in Canberra every week, Sydney and Melbourne a few times per month. 
Her location between: the new Passenger and Container Terminals at Eden, and Canberra's International Airport; strategically places Sam's studio within reach of a significant future transport and tourist connection routes.
All data collected, stored and analysed by Sam is kept in Australia where possible, research data is only subject to Australian domestic consumer laws, data collection and privacy. Sam doesn’t sell data for marketing, reseller or collection purposes.
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