A hand-drawn (then digitised)Ā environmental activist/ protester character developed and rigged for use with Character Animator and available as Premium content for subscribers from 15 August 2023. Puppet used for one commercial project in 2019, for a client presentation at a symposium in Italy and a few closed screenings since.Ā 

Scroll down for other sample frames below and a static rendering with copy/ text/ titles/ supersĀ on the placards.Ā Ā Ā Ā 

Premium content package will include the Character Animator puppet including the layered Photoshop file which contains guide layers and layers with sample frames titles/ supers that can be replaced or modified.Ā 

If that sounds too hard, for a small fee I can modify titles/ supers to purposeĀ and will repackage and deliver - see Services tab for more details.Ā Ā Ā 

Other Projects

Illustration studies and sketches for a children's picture book with alas no story yet!
Character Design, Drawing, Illustration
Branding: Sam Maher
I wanted to create a new identity for my producing and writing activities. I went with postcards because I love receiving mail and with the rise of digital - rarely do; and then I augmented them. My business card I experimented with Aurasma and postcard with Layar.
Branding, Icon Design, Illustration
Augmenting WINIFRED
WIP of an Augmented Reality adaptation of my Winifred stories. This will expand as the experiment/ project continues.
Creative Direction, Digital Art, Interaction Design
LOVE at Altenburg
My aim for this group show was to engage with my potential new audience, get some feedback at targeted events, and to test technology requirements and feasibility of interactive entertainment and illustration reaching mass adoption in locations compromised by poor connectivity.
Illustration, interactive design, works on paper,
ICONOCLASH is a series in development. The series consists of short-form animated content pieces, that will be assembled fit-for-purpose, for broadcast, narrowcast, social, online and mobile, digital out of home, augmented reality and interactive print applications.
Character Design, Digital Art, Animation,
Introducing the characters of the Australian Coat of Arms...
Cartooning, Drawing, Illustration
'The Chain Gang' and 'Pirates and Dragons'
The beginning of a new illustrated kids micro story. Eventually will be digitally enhanced and adapted for a new augmented reality app stARyteller. These micro stories are 120 characters. Stay tuned.
Knitted and crochet dolls from 100% new wool (new reclaimed and end of line tapestry wools) with vintage lace and embroidered doily dresses. Each one unique and handmade in Australia.
Character Design, Crafts, Toy Design
Meet Ginny - Mixamo/Fuse Test 1
GINNY_SAM_MAHER_FUSE_MIXAMO_TEST_1 Quick test of this new Adobe Fuse (Preview) and the Mixamo collaboration (?), Fun and easy, I'm sure once I figure out how to add my own textures I'll be more excitable.
Character Design, Digital Art, Visual Effects
RIFFS + RANTS Branding
Branding and logo developed for a small music and arts studio, school and shop in regional NSW Riffs and Rants... sticker now augments with Layar
Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design
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