a sneak peak of WINIFRED a new story that is coming together, a series of picture books, board books and a junior fiction
Winifred’s Moving House A Story for Cat Lovers
Up until today, I’ve lived here. I was born here, and thought I’d live here forever. But today I’m moving. 
My name’s Winifred, you can call me Winnie. I’m not one of those fussy pedigree cats, just a cat. My tail is loooong and every time I catch it, it really [oooOOOOWWW] hurts.
I don’t want to leave but that’s what big cats do. I don’t feel so big today. 
I’m going to live with a Kate, she’s a human… aaawwwhhHH! MUUUMMMM! I don’t like HUMANS!
The other human is Mum too… WEIRD! She’s doesn’t look like Mum and she s-s-smells like DOG! aaawwwhhHH! MUUUMMMM!
The car trip is horrible! I sneezed and wee went everywhere. Kate squealed like a pig aaaaAAAHHHH! MUUUMMMM!
Kate’s shoved me against the glass, my nose was cold. She scratched behind my ears, I scratched behind her ears… aaaaAAAHHHH! MUUUMMMM! [M: Don’t Scratch!] [W:Huh?]
I’m busting to explore my new garden [struggle] aaaaAAAHHHH! MUUUMMMM! I guess I’ll play later. 
These benches are too high. I don’t drink milk… yyyuuuUUKKK! I circled and circled, [grab ankles] aaaaAAAHHHH! MUUUMMMM! [M: Don’t Scratch!] Eventually she gave me proper food. I love Sardines.
I did a wee in a box. oooOOOHHHHaaaahhHHH Kate looked like a monkey. Weird! Does she wee in a box? 
I’m trying to sleep BUT Kate’s bored… I pounce aaaaAAAHHHH! MUUUMMMM! [M: Don’t Scratch!]
[M: Don’t Scratch!] [M: Don’t SCRATCH!] [M: DON’T SCRATCH!]
I don’t know where to scratch.
I think I’ll like it here.

Other Projects

LOVE at Altenburg
My aim for this group show was to engage with my potential new audience, get some feedback at targeted events, and to test technology requirements and feasibility of interactive entertainment and illustration reaching mass adoption in locations compromised by poor connectivity.
Illustration, interactive design, works on paper,
Augmenting WINIFRED
WIP of an Augmented Reality adaptation of my Winifred stories. This will expand as the experiment/ project continues.
Creative Direction, Digital Art, Interaction Design
Every Christmas I give my Nana a decoration, as a kid I'd make them, then I got old and bought most of them... This year I've made Nana an Angel... give your Nana one too!
Character Design, Crafts, Product Design
WYNLEN HOUSE Interactive Rack Card
The gorgeous Bronwyn and Helen of Wynlen House Slow Food Farm and Learning Centre were invited by the Italian Slow Food Movement to their Conference in Turin in September 2016. They needed something fun and interactive, light and portable and easy to update in both omnichannel presentations and transmedia outputs, with a seamless optimised backend and a gorgeous digital interface. We wanted interaction data too, across numerous events, that could be validated within the integration by pulling data metrics across a suite of analytics tools. It also needed to look good in its print form, load digital content quickly and efficiently and have a easy-use interface to optimise experience for users with multiple digital literacy. The opportunity to test one of our new prototypes in an international and domestic territory was too good to pass up, so here is a new use of a developing interactive print/digital portal. This one is powered by Layar. Scan the front and back panels with your device and watch a video or press the buttons. Feedback is always wanted. Likewise we're always looking for Guinea Pigs wanting to do something new with brand narratives.
Interaction Design, Branding, UI/UX
Digital Puppet: Bob
Digital Puppet powered by Adobe Character Animator
Animation, Character Design, Illustration,
RIFFS + RANTS Branding
Branding and logo developed for a small music and arts studio, school and shop in regional NSW Riffs and Rants... sticker now augments with Layar
Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design
Branding: Sam Maher
I wanted to create a new identity for my producing and writing activities. I went with postcards because I love receiving mail and with the rise of digital - rarely do; and then I augmented them. My business card I experimented with Aurasma and postcard with Layar.
Branding, Icon Design, Illustration
Illustration studies and sketches for a children's picture book with alas no story yet!
Character Design, Drawing, Illustration
HERE select frames
A selection of frames from HERE a tappable story created using Tapestry
Digital Art, Storyboarding, Writing
Introducing the characters of the Australian Coat of Arms...
Cartooning, Drawing, Illustration
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